Exploring Self & Our Understanding

Everything starts and ends with the individual. It is essential they understand who they are and why.

Understanding where you start from provides the benchmark. Knowledge and understanding are key to unlocking potential and creating confidence.

To create the right development plan we seek to cut below the surface and gain a deep understanding of the individual, unique personal circumstances, and surrounding factors such as team, environment and the organisation.

This understanding, enables us to develop and deliver a highly tailored and relevant development plan. For us there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Each person is different, just as the circumstances they find themselves surrounded by are.

We achieve this deepened understanding by initial conversations with the individual and key stakeholders. The next step is to complete a personality profile (Lumina), bespoke 360-degree feedback interviews, and a 2-hour de-brief before creating the plan.

Initial Discussions

Our first conversation is often the most important in discovering the top-level purpose of our engagement. Once coachees are identified we will then arrange a meeting to discuss the objectives and perspectives of key stakeholders.

Bespoke 360 Feedback

Our 360-degree process is a little different.

We have used electronic versions and don’t feel we get anywhere near as much value as we do from ‘in-person’ interviews.

We suggest holding ‘in-person’ interviews with up to six colleagues, comprising peers, direct reports, and a senior(s). The questions are bespoke to the individual and organisation. This, along with the Lumina profile, forms the basis of our understanding and plan.

Lumina Personality Profiling

Lumina offers a very personalised reading of personality insights which aids the development of skills most needed in the workplace.

It views an individual as a whole, it values individual diversity, it’s easy to understand to see where strengths lie and where development is needed.

The Development Plan

We create a personalised 12-month development plan combining all of the above.