Professional Coaching for Organisations and individuals

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Ensuring Individuals & Organisations achieve optimal success.

Career & life coaching

Work with me, and you will achieve what you want in your career and life.

“Coaching not only helped me to develop some valuable coping mechanisms but was also highly empowering. By asking me the right questions so that I could come to my own conclusions and set clear goals, Kim left me with greater confidence to identify, troubleshoot and make tangible positive changes to my approach to work and daily life.”

I will make sure you achieve long term change, ignite your future, provoke the changes you want and carve out your best self.

With me, you will have your own dedicated coach, a bespoke programme tailored to your needs with unlimited support throughout.

You will gain the tools needed to sustain the change going forward, keeping you motivated and inspired to strive.

My coaching style is direct, down to earth and gets results.

Create Awareness | Take Action | Revel in Success

Executive & Leadership Coaching

My purpose is to partner with executives, senior/middle management, and employees to achieve optimal success and forge meaningful careers.

I achieve this by creating clarity, designing a plan to reach the objective and ensure my clients reach their full potential.

I create bespoke programmes and timelines for each individual, these are equally valuable for the organisation as a whole.

My coaching stands apart, providing a unique experience, efficiency, integrity and unbiased support.

Investing in your leaders and employees, is not only essential but crucial for the progression and intellect of your organisation.

I dedicate time to get to know your organisation, the problems you face and create a bespoke solution.

Engage | Influence | Perform