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At Storm McQueen, we are dedicated to supporting individuals to exceed expectations in both personal and professional realms in the workplace.

Storm McQueen was created in 2017 with a very clear vision. To group accredited professional coaches, to provide exceptional workplace coaching services to our clients.

Our purpose is two-fold:

Firstly, to offer utmost value and long-term support to C-Suite, Leaders and Managers to bridge challenges, overcome obstacles and be the best they can be.

Secondly, we believe that coaching should be available to everyone within the workplace. Our solution is to provide an affordable, time-efficient and results-driven coaching service that can be offered to Everyone.

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Everything starts and ends with the individual. It is essential they understand who they are and why. Understanding where you start from provides the benchmark. Knowledge and understanding are key to unlocking potential and creating confidence. A coach helps create knowledge using ‘tools’, but their greater skill is to enable understanding.

Our first step in any development programme, is to understand the individual through bespoke 360 degree feedback, personality &/or leadership assessments using Lumina and meeting with key stakeholders to create a highly personalised plan relevant for the individual and the organisation.

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We provide tailored development programmes comprising a minimum of 12 monthly coaching sessions, 360-degree feedback insights, and leadership profiling assessments. We can also provide specific training of core performance skills such as personal influencing to address issues. Tangible improvements are experienced by colleagues whereas intangible benefits such as self-confidence are felt by the individual.

Greater confidence and ability in situations where once inferior, enhanced soft skills in leadership, influencing and communication.

Heightened feeling of achievement, control and balance in personal and professional realms.

360 feedback reports changes in behaviour, demeanour, efficiency, communication and general wellbeing with large changes in performance.

Clients’ experience and seek more opportunities, elicit faster promotion, can recognise and acknowledge not only how far they have come, how to sustain any change going forwards.

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Workplace Coaching for Everyone.

Be proactive and invest in the well-being of your people, promoting inclusivity and equality.
We see increased need for organisations to take notice of the well-being of their employees in challenging times, to create resilience in the individual, the workforce and the organisation as a whole.

Our vision is to create a force for good and positive change. By offering Coaching for Everyone with lower investment costs and better outcomes for the organisation, the employee and the individual as a whole.

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Coaching for Everyone
Team coaching helps you bring your team to the next level. It is different from team building or training. It's team development, with the team in charge.

Does your team lack motivation? Does ``we`` feel more like ``me``?

You're all working hard but it doesn't feel like a team effort. Do you think the team could take more ownership and responsibility for their own performance?

Or, you think you're a good team. Everybody seems quite alright. But it could always be better.

What would you say if the team was brilliant?

A team full of energy and inspiration, that takes responsibility and ownership. A team that works, you achieve great results, with a sense of ease.

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