The Team Check gives your team members the opportunity to say what they really think. And elicits clear input and direction on how the team and you, can improve.

What’s included in the Team Temperature Check?

– Anonymous online questionnaire, sent to all team members 

– A short report outlining the generic trends in the team (without compromising anonymity)

– A 45 min follow-up call with the team leader. 

– Practical tips and tools on how you and the team can improve.


Clarity on team goals, about how you want to work together and getting the team to commit are THE most important ingredients for effective team performance. Fact. 

And that’s exactly why we developed this Team Booster: to get the basics rights. 

Boost your team -new or existing- with a shared team vision, team goals that the team have set themselves (on WHAT you want to achieve but also HOW you want to work together), team commitment, and a plan of action to get your team to work effectively.

Committing together and having clarity will have such a big impact on your team.

Both on results and morale. And it helps to keep everyone accountable.

What’s included in the “Team Booster”:

  • Team Temperature Check: questionnaire to assess the team’s current effectiveness and needs

  • One 5hr (or 2 x 3hr) session with the team

  • 60min Consultation with the team leader about your team’s effectiveness and what you can do to improve the team

  • Sessions can be done Face2Face or online*

* Maximum team size of 12 people for face to face; maximum 10 people when online.


A 6-month Team development programme, to make a sustainable change. Monthly sessions -face to face or online- with the whole team, aimed to make a real and sustained difference. 

What’s included?

– Team Temperature Check: Questionnaire to assess the team’s current effectiveness and needs

– Team Kick-off session (5hr or 2x3hr): get real clarity about where you want to go as a team and how you want to work together

– 4 x Single Team Coach sessions*: working towards the team goals 

– Bonus: Team Evaluation session (1.5hr, online): Learn from the past 6 months and set goals for the future

– 5x 1hr online follow up consultation with the leader of the team

– Each session is custom-designed, based on the specific needs of your team

*Note: online Single Team Coach sessions are 2.5hr vs 4hr for face-to-face.

Maximum team size for face to face sessions 12 people; for online 8 people.