What IS Coaching?

Do you know what coaching is?

By my own admittance, a few years ago, I would have dismissed coaching and rolled my eyes.

I hadn’t overly thought about it, it wasn’t something that was ever applicable to me and didn’t know anyone who had coaching either.

I suppose I may have thought it was an indulgence…..

How wrong I was.

A friend, Zoe, said, “you don’t know you need a coach, until you have one”.

I went to a networking event this week, in London. I was chatting to a lawyer, I said what I did and she retorted,

“So, you just motivate people”.

This naivety is all too common.

There is an element of ‘motivation’ but coaching is so much more. Motivation is the by product of getting to the bottom of the individual, their behaviours, their excuses, their beliefs.

A coach is there to challenge what the client is saying, to probe, to highlight, to make the client accountable for their actions, to design a plan/a goal, to conquer their own world.

As coaches, we push and nudge, and breakdown the stories clients have been telling themselves for years, which has stopped them progressing, developing, changing.

We Instigate long term change, battle emotions, create awareness, and we are with our clients throughout the entire learning process.

We guide, YES motivate but primarily challenge to ensure the client is moving forwards in whatever they want to do, change, be.

An hour of coaching is probably one of the most disruptive, powerful and exciting things you can do. An hour to talk about yourself, unhindered is nothing to be sniffed at.

If you want something to change in your life, FAST, if you want to learn about yourself, if you want to knock those limitations out of the park…..get a coach.

Struggling to see how it can help you? See what our clients have achieved through coaching.


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