“I would recommend Kim to anyone in conflict with the balance between pursuing a career and a better work/life balance.”Claudia
“I would definitely recommend coaching with Kim, investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make.”Charlie

In today’s climate where the word “coach” means so many different things, many of which are not wonderful, it is very refreshing to find someone who has experience and can deliver on the promises that they make

It is rare to find someone with the experience, the authenticity and the credibility to demand that you listen to what she has to say and I mean demand!

Simply put Kim will put you back on the path to success Her unbiased and refreshingly direct approach will help you accomplish all that you’re looking for!!

More than simply a coach or a mentor, this expert has been there and done that and you should listen to her!

She can help… I heartily recommend her to everyone in my network – I have benefited immensely from her perspective on my position.

Get in touch with Kim – you WILL NOT regret it.”

Rob Lambert
Sales Director 

When I met Kim, the first quality that struck me about her was her ability to make you feel at ease. Building trust and confidence with her client comes naturally which enables one to be more receptive to the journey of self improvement.

Originally it was intended just to have one coachee assigned to Kim, but the feedback was so good that we swiftly progressed to placing the coaching needs of a number of our high potential employees in her capable hands.

Since then, we have seen a fundamental difference in those being coached and in many cases, just after 3 sessions, the employee is able to demonstrate a newfound confidence and ability that seems to have unleashed a new self.

I cannot recommend Kim highly enough and believe we will partner with her for a long time to come.”

Wanda Francies
Human Resources Director – Ingram Micro (UK)

“ In 6 Months time, looking after the wellbeing and happiness of myself and my family is a priority and I am in a role I enjoy with good work life balance and career progression.”  24th October 2017

12 Months ago and heavily pregnant with my youngest daughter, I found myself out of the blue being made redundant after 5 years at my employer along with 600 of my colleagues when our manufacturing plant closed.

Although this was a difficult time I decided to push this to the back of my mind and focus on my eldest daughter and the impending birth of my youngest. With that being said almost everyday I would sit thinking about:

  • What will I do?
  • How will I find a role to suit my family and me?
  • How would I make the time to do this and start a job search?
  • After all these years of hard work would there be a company that would offer me a role that would be a step forward in my career but at the same time offer flexible working so I can spend the quality time I need with my family?

At that point, I started looking at putting a plan of action together and I came across Storm McQueen Coaching and Kim. Kim helped me to set a goal I would like to achieve in six months. She helped me to navigate and focus on myself by enabling me to map and prioritise the steps needed to achieve my goal.

At times, I struggled to juggle everything and had my ups and downs but Kim’s coaching kept me on track and made me acknowledge how well I was actually doing.

I got myself out on the market, reminded myself of what skills I have to offer, contacted companies and interviewed for roles. As a result of all the hard work and brilliant coaching I had 4 interviews and 4 offers for amazing roles.

 I am now 6 months on from my 1st session and I have achieved my goal. Plus, I have the tools to maintain my achievements. My 2 girls are settled into nursery and my work wardrobe dusted off and ironed for the 1st day of my new job next week. I am proof that with coaching you don’t just meet your targets you can excel and maintain them.

You can be a flexible working professional and through hard work, find the right job role that you want.

Thank you Kim”

Rachel Ludlow
Pre Coaching: Made Redundant & Maternity Leave
Post Coaching: Senior Planner/Buyer (‭Manufacturing)

“I had a coaching session with Kim and my, oh my, we covered so much ground. Kim enabled me to look at my business operations from an entirely different viewpoint, whilst understanding the emotional impact that any big (and necessary) changes would have on me.

Kim helped me gain clarity and focus and instilled me with confidence to forge onwards.

I was drowning in stress and paralysed by overwhelm but after having spoken to Kim, I can see things clearly, I feel more in control and able to lead my business where I want it to go.

Kim has a fabulous informal yet professional approach – I felt at ease immediately, and I’m grateful to have been offered the tools I need to see things from a perspective where I am in control.

I’ve never felt more motivated. Thanks Kim. You are a Goddess.”

Louise Harman
Writer & VA

“Storm McQueen Coaching took me from being a caterpillar too scared to go for what I really wanted out of life into the butterfly I knew I could be! Through the right guidance, intuition and challenging questions, I experienced a lot of self-realisation that helped me to take the action needed to achieve goals, I literally can’t thank them enough for the continued support that without, I would still be too scared to fly. The ongoing support re-entered my life at a point where momentum was beginning to diminish. This was imperative to my success and change as each time my confidence and determination was beginning to waiver, in stepped Storm McQueen Coaching, it’s as if they knew.”

Caroline Eyles
Pre Coaching: Office Worker
Post Coaching: Freelance Copywriter


“Working with Kim has helped me to unlock what I was most unhappy with in my life and what steps I can take to make an actual difference. Sometimes you need to let someone independent but trustworthy challenge you. Kim is very pragmatic and professional, she never leaves you feeling overwhelmed. I would recommend Kim to anyone in conflict with the balance between pursuing a career and a better work/life balance.”

Legal Counsel

“Before starting the sessions with Kim I was unsure whether coaching would genuinely help me but I can assure you it really did! Previously I was feeling that something was missing in my life but I couldn’t work out what it was. I had a lovely supportive family, great friends and a job which I loved. Working with Kim helped me to realise which areas of my life I needed to pay more attention to and how goals could be set to increase my fulfilment.

Meeting Kim on my first session I immediately felt at ease. Kim is a very warm, friendly approachable person who is very easy to talk to which was great. Talking through things together and knowing that I had the support from Kim made me feel more in control and able to tackle situations more effectively. I was gradually starting to feel more empowered (which was a great feeling!). By discussing these issues with Kim who had no connections to my family or friends was very helpful – I was able to talk openly to her without feeling that judgements or sides would be taken. 5 sessions in and I am dramatically closer to my goal. I now feel that my mind is clearer and I am more in control of situations. The techniques which I have learnt will stay with me for the future. Simple things such as looking at situations from an outsiders’ perspective really does help. Thank you
Storm McQueen Coaching!”

Office Manager
Greenlight Capital

““I initially didn’t understand the need for a business coach. Kim has helped me look at myself and my business from a different point of view. With her help, I was able to see where I could improve and, in a short space of time, I have been able to gain much needed clarity. She has helped me to change my mindset from an employee to a business owner. My only regret is that I didn’t find Kim sooner.”

Raakhee Stratton
RS Virtual Assistant

Having spent several hours with Kim over multiple coaching sessions I found the time investment extremely worth while. I was not sure what to expect or how such discussions would help me.

Having someone completely impartial with the experience that Kim has I believe is essential if you’re looking for a coach / mentor.

Talking about, reflecting on, and analysing behaviours, with an informal conversation style, proved for me, to be a great way to step back and see what small changes could be made, to have the greatest impact both in a professional capacity & outside of work.

To this day, and I’m sure for years to come, I will benefit from the time spent with Kim.

I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a coach and even more, to anyone that may be thinking “Why do I need a coach”!

Thank you Kim for all the help I never knew I needed. Stacey.

Stacey Chalk
HPE General Manager – Ingram Micro (UK)

“SMC came highly recommended by a colleague and we started working together in 2017. I had recently started a new leadership role following a career break and was looking for practical advice on my re-entry. I work in a large (10,000 staff) public sector organization which had changed significantly in my absence and I was lacking self-confidence and clarity in the role. I was considering other career options and was also struggling to find time outside work for the things I really enjoy. Overall I felt I had lost some of my passion.

Kim’s approach is effective as she takes the time to listen and fully understand your situation. She also has significant business experience herself, which meant her suggestions to me were always insightful and practical, which is not always the case with coaching. She is also very straightforward, asking incisive questions to get to the heart of an issue. Our sessions helped me to organize my thoughts and develop clear plans to achieve my goals and since starting coaching with SMC I have made a number of significant changes. I have instigated changes to my role which mean I am now contributing more to my organization and feel more motivated. However, equally importantly for me, Kim’s input has spurred me to rekindle some of my interests outside of work and I have achieved a better balance in my life.

I would recommend SMC without hesitation for anyone looking for leadership, executive or personal development coaching. My organization has seen significant gains as a result of my coaching – I am more effective and productive and I felt empowered to make changes from within the organization rather than moving on. I am sure I will work with Kim again in the future.”

Rachel Richards
Programme Director – 
Public Sector Organisation

“Kim is a brilliant, caring coach, perfectly prepared for every session and very professional. With Kim, progress is permanent and comfortable in any situation. Using different coaching techniques, her questioning is always light and natural. Her own career and life experience makes it a very high value experience.”

Daniel Ramsauer
Management Coaching Energy

“I was really ready to talk to someone who could help me re-focus and Kim was excellent at sorting me out. She has now got me to a point where I realise the mental distractions and pitfalls and how to avoid them. She is very easy to talk to and a genuine thought leader and guider. I highly recommend to anyone who is drifting and in need of a motivational MOT!

Liam Hamilton
National Account Manager & Co-Fo.

Mummyjobs.co.ukDaddyjobs.co.uk & FlexisBest.com

“When someone asks you about your personal growth and emotional well-being and you don’t know how to respond, you need a coach! Having worked in a very busy HR role (across multiple time zones), there was never any time to think about me. Time is our most precious asset, and yet we spend so little of it on ourselves. When I met Kim I knew something needed to change in me, I just didn’t know what that was.

Kim finds the balance between a structured approach to coaching that enables you to move forward, with empathy and kindness that allows you to be honest. I was able to analyse real, or perceived, challenges and threats, overcome the barriers they presented, and put tangible, maintainable, strategies in place to move forward.

What started as career coaching soon became life coaching, because everything we do at work is reflected at home. If you can’t find the time to change the things in your life that you spend so much time thinking about (but doing nothing), contact Kim.

Judith Molloy

“During my second maternity leave from a fairly high-pressure job, involving a regular commute and frequent overseas travel, I decided I needed to do something different to get the balance I wanted between family- and work-life. But having done what was supposed to be my ‘dream job’ for the best part of 15 years I was struggling to imagine any alternative. Kim provided the structure and challenge I needed to identify a variety of options and work through these until I settled on something that I felt would work for me and my family. And although I’m yet to put my plan fully into action, with Kim’s support I feel able to enjoy the remaining months of my maternity leave and excited about the prospect of returning to work rather than dreading it.”

Charity Sector Manager

“Prior to being coached by Kim, I had never been coached before and wasn’t 100% sure about what coaching could do for me. Forward wind five months and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most invaluable experiences for me. Kim listens to me and asks the right questions at the right moment to make me think about what I need to do to achieve the goals I want to achieve in my life. She challenges me when she knows she can but most of all she is my cheerleader. If I look at how much I have achieved since starting the coaching process with Kim, I am amazed and proud of myself but none of it would have been possible without Kim as my coach. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone.”

Claire Skaptason
Professional Trainer & Coach

“I was changing jobs and decided to have coaching so that I could break bad habits from my previous job and go into my new role confident and with a healthy work/life balance. I had three sessions of coaching with Kim and can honestly say it was the best investment I made. Kim is an excellent coach: very professional, warm and approachable, encouraging and non-judgmental. I found it very easy to open up to her and soon got to the root of why I was unable to switch off from work. Coaching not only helped me to develop some valuable coping mechanisms but was also highly empowering. By asking me the right questions so that I could come to my own conclusions and set clear goals, Kim left me with greater confidence to identify, troubleshoot and make tangible positive changes to my approach to work and daily life. I now have a clear process for approaching tricky situations as well as blocking out time in my week for my own personal fulfilment and just generally feel on top of my life, rather than the other way round! I would definitely recommend coaching with Kim, investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make.”

Corporate Communications Professional