Storm McQueen, is predominantly an executive coaching supplier. So, when I am approached to discuss a more comprehensive and complex development need, I work with carefully selected partner groups.

This enables me to provide a wide range of services that enhance our collective offering and enable access to a number of specialist practitioners. 


Copper Bottom is led by Richard Gossage, who brings considerable experience gained over 35 years as a C-Suite member of several global organisations. We share very similar views on leadership development and through the Copper Bottom associate network, we optimise our different talents.

Copper Bottom was created in 2015 with a very clear vision. To build a conduit that enables seasoned practitioners to share their collective wisdom, experiences and skills and help others who are journeying on similar paths.

All of the Copper Bottom team have operated at the ‘pointy’ end of organisations, where leadership and management skills are forged in the real world.   

Our purpose is to help others do better through sharing skills, experience and learning.