Missing Bathtime Again? – Change Your Mindset

We are often caught in a static mindset. More hours, means more money, or perhaps greater status within your company then another year passes without a pay rise or acknowledgment.

“I must get this done today”. Understandable if you have a deadline but a lot of the time, this could be done tomorrow when you’re more focussed and you could get home for bath and story time.

For what gain?

When you reflect on your week, month or year.

  • Are there highlights?
  • Was there an important accomplishment?
  • What made you happy?

I doubt it was, “I got that report in way before the deadline, we had a great audit, I worked 14 hours a day for months”.

“I’m so pleased, I nearly burned out to receive the same salary and had no recognition”.

What does your ideal week look like?


You could reflect and say, “I read to my kid(s) three times this week.” “I made it to bath time.” “We did bubble Mohican’s.” “I still got my work done”

I for one was happier remembering the latter. Numerous clients also report the same once they decided to take charge, design their own week and shift their mindset. Yes, deciding what they want!

I speak from experience, quite vulnerably so too, my years were looked back on in regret. I wasn’t happy that I had worked shed loads of hours and missed key milestones in both my kids.

In contrast, I didn’t do a fist pump for work that had gone unrecognised either, trapped in my own static mindset.

The worst part, when I reminisce, working all those additional hours didn’t mean I did great focussed work where I excelled. On the contrary, the work took me much longer because I wanted to be at home for bath time fun and listen to stories about their day.

What will you do to change?

So, why not get started on excelling at your day? Create hours in your day, mix up your routine, speak to your boss, use commute time to your advantage, watch less TV, etc., etc.

Change your mindset, put practices into place that empower you. You are in control and the end result, edging towards or living the life you want.

When your kids are older, they won’t reflect on material things, they’ll remember you being there.

To get you started, think of weeks, where you have been truly happy or fulfilled in work and at home, what happened in those weeks to make you happy? What would you like to happen every week? How many hours did you work? Did you go to bed earlier? Start to acknowledge all of those things and try to filter those into your everyday. Before you know it, you are starting to design your own way of living.

Change is possible.

If it still seems impossible, we can work together, creating a bespoke coaching programme to work on your current career alignment and values. Creating more focus in your working day. Battle being time poor.

Storm McQueen Coaching offers various programmes to suit you and your needs: http://stormmcqueencoaching.com/coaching

The possibilities are endless once you put your mind to it and have someone nudging you along the way.

Invest in you and your family. Talk to us.

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