Why Storm McQueen Coaching Exists

The story behind the Founder of Storm McQueen Coaching and how it brings about transformational change in others through the power of coaching.

I’m quite frankly stunned at myself for sitting down and writing this, my first ever blog!

It has been an absolute rollercoaster of events that have lead me here which is partly why I need to post it to the world….

The purpose

My story may ignite something in others which instigates their changing, doing, actioning, living, anything. And I truly hope it does.

This isn’t a story of motherhood bliss, nor a story of how motherhood changed my life and a need to be with my children. It is a story of how my life had to adjust, to be happy. And the hard work that it took to realise how un-happy I was in the first place.

In 2014 I had my first baby, my son. I worked for a NY based hedge fund and took a very short maternity leave of just four months. I was in emotional turmoil about this premature return for half of that leave. Not at having to work, nor was it in not being at home; I’m not sure of the exact reason, but what played heavily was the amount of hours I had worked pre-motherhood. It was no longer possible to focus entirely on my work which had been my life for many years previous.

You feel fake as a Mum and you feel fake at work. I suppose the in-vogue phrase to be used here would be ‘imposter syndrome’. How can you possibly integrate the two when you feel that way?

No one tells you how to balance being a parent, a wife, an employee, a friend, a daughter, a sister……we just have to get on with it. I didn’t yearn for a past life, nor was I a prime example of mother nature. I was just in a constant rush to be and accomplish everything that is expected.


I continued on with life, or more pointedly, I continued existing, very un-happy. Back at work full time, juggling pick up’s, the never ending ‘to do’s’ and that was all before I then unexpectedly found out I was pregnant with number two.

With my son only five months old, I was of course excited, but past the shock and elation, I soon became hugely daunted. I couldn’t see how I would possibly cope when I still hadn’t resolved my work-life balance that was a constant threat to my happiness.

Fast forward a year, my second maternity leave was once again reaching a premature end, and I was dreading my return, counting down each day at a time. I failed to be in the ‘now’ or enjoy the extra time I had with them, which still saddens me.

Like so many twenty/thirty/forty-somethings, we have a mortgage and bills to pay, and a voice inside that says, “I can’t possibly leave my job, I would never get the same money elsewhere, there’s nothing else I can do, I have no time to think of change…” the list is never ending.

I had no intention of changing this situation, I just wanted to feel better about returning to work again and couldn’t stomach the thought of going through the same emotional turmoil that I had the previous time I returned to work.

Things needed to change but I had no idea how. I was back at 4.30am rises, working full time and only seeing my children for minutes, not hours, a day. Life was sh*t – but what’s worse is that it was my choice to put up with it.

This was until…

I began to read ‘The Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield. And from this, I took action and got the support and assistance of a life coach. (Now please note, if somebody had previously mentioned ‘get a life coach’, I would have rolled my eyes and put this down on the long list of suggestions I was choosing to ignore. But, how naïve and wrong I was.

After just a (two hour) phone call, I had been completely taken out of my comfort zone of allowing fear to control my life. I instead began to recognise what it felt like to have a firm grip on the decisions you make which thus effect your day to day existence. And in turn your happiness.

Much to my own shock, I immediately called my boss and said I wanted to leave! Had I lost all rationale? No, I had just been coached on how to live my life the way I want to.

Because change takes time to manifest, (I reiterate this, change takes time to manifest!) I chose to return to work for six months. During this time I partook in regular coaching and pushed myself to use every spare minute. Although I wasn’t aware, this was the crucial groundwork leading to my setting up Storm McQueen Coaching.

The mindset shift

I immersed myself in reading, started journaling, did a few online courses, discovered what my interests, hates, likes, passions, strengths, and skills were. What soon became quite clear was my keen urge to help others achieve the same. To help make the decisions they feel they can’t – which is what lead to the start of Storm McQueen Coaching.

Plus, what’s more, I see my kids, I see my husband (without checking emails) and as a result, my family is happy.

Ultimately without the book, without being coached and without a willingness to punch limiting beliefs in the face, I would not be sitting here typing this.

I know, it feels impossible. BUT – it doesn’t have to be this way, it’s your choice, trust me, I’ve been where you are…

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