world values day

Know Your Values?


Embarrassingly, I had never documented my values or even thought to before a couple of years ago. It didn’t come up in the work place, I was never asked. It only came to light when I wanted to change my career. Getting to the core essence of being was hard in fact. It’s now something I reflect on heavily in both myself and with clients. It’s important.

So, in light of it being World Values Day (, I wanted to offer some insights to either reflect on your own values, if you know, some steps to help bring you back to your core values, or to take the time out to decide on what they are.

What are your values?

If, you’re anything like me, I found this question hard, it’s not something I could jot down in 5 minutes. Equally values are not set it stone, they change over time, peruse the link below to help.

A very long list of values:

Try to list between five and ten values and then prioritise which are the most meaningful to you.

What is most important to you personally and professionally?

Our motivation is often driven by our values. Are your values being met? Think about how each of your values are brought into your everyday life. If, you or your work is polar opposite to your values, what do you need to do, to adjust?

Why are values important?

Knowing your values influences the decisions you make and how well you make them. Values guide our behaviours, they can act as our motivators and drivers in both personal and professional worlds.

Organisational values can set the scene for the culture, it’s commonly used at the beginning of the recruitment process, it can be used to engage existing employees and build frameworks for the work they do and so much more.

Why not suggest a quiz in your team today? Ask everyone to list their personal values and see what comes up? You’ll be amazed at what you can find out…

“Values are like fingerprints, nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do”. Elvis Presley

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