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Gratitude due to a Ferrero Rochet

Why, finding a Ferrero Rochet made my day, yesterday….

No coaching = losing sight of the bigger picture.

Ridiculous, I know, I was finally able to sit down after 8 hours of running around after the kids, it was 1pm.

I spotted from afar a runaway ferrero rochet, it had obviously escaped the tray when I was demolishing them at rapid speed on Mothering Sunday.


There was absolutely no chance in flying ***** I was getting off that sofa, pre the sighting of the FR, I was knackered but low and behold, spotting that made me leap for joy.

Yep, I ate it, very quickly (it was in a wrapper), I didn’t chew it slowly, devoured.

THEN it occurred it to me how I was so totally excited about this bloody chocolate, like that was the only good thing to happen in my day. It made me stop and think….

The day had plenty of other highlights, heaps in fact. I’ve got a 2 and a 3 year old, I’ve watched them play (and fight grrr), be imaginative, discover and learn.

They are healthy all bar the viral thing they have now given to me, the conjunctivitis, I have now had round two but they are fine and dandy and growing galore.

They are playing in the house we specifically bought to grow a family in, they have everything they could wish for, and so do we, yet we grumble and I was feeling the strain today.

Exhausted so the only highlight I could see was a chocolate.

Pathetic I realise.

There a millions who would love to have the life that I do, why do we lose sight of that so often?

One thing that both being a coach and being coached has taught me is to stop, think and be.

It’s a huge reminder that I haven’t had a coaching session for a long time from my marvellous coach Claire Skaptason.

For me, I’ve learnt to stop and think, to try and just acknowledge the phenomenal stuff I have rather than stressing over the small stuff.

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