Frequently Asked Questions

Storm McQueen Coaching is your silent partner helping you to move forward with your company, life or career, achieving those long-desired changes and ultimately getting you, to where you want to be in business, life or both.

You will receive optimal support throughout your journey, I are down to earth and pride myself on clients fulfilling their potential.

You want to make a change. You realise something needs to happen but perhaps not quite sure what. Ultimately, if you are here, you are curious and half way to being committed and determined to change.

You will receive optimal support throughout your journey, I am down to earth and pride myself on clients fulfilling their potential.

Coaching is a means to elicit a quicker transformation in an individual or business. It inspires and motivates people to maximise both their professional and personal potential. You don’t need to dwell on your past experiences, you will ignite your future, by me challenging you, provoking the changes you want and carving out the ultimate you to be your best self.

Transformational coaching focuses on exploration of the client as a whole. Challenging at a deeper level to increase the clients’ own awareness of their limiting beliefs, values, and attitudes which are hindering their progress in life, career, business or environment.

Transformational coaching elicits long term change, by discussing the underlying problem and looking at how the client can acquire skills to better deal with it in the future or use preventative measures. It equips the client with complex thinking, and empowers their decision-making skills.

Transactional coaching can be seen as an instant fix which doesn’t take into account the underlying issues nor does it help in dealing with repeat occurrences in the future.

Coaching is not consulting, mentoring, psychotherapy or counselling.

Coaching allows a deeper exploration of yourself. Let’s face it, we don’t give ourselves an unadulterated hour in our lives where we can purely just think of ourselves, our situation, our wants and needs. We can rarely be objective in our own minds but with coaching you have someone partnering with you, offering unbiased support, challenging and guiding you to reach your objectives.

By creating a timeline on a goal and scheduled coaching sessions, means you are accountable for your actions. Sometimes those actions wouldn’t be created, excuses are made and time disappears, before we know it, another year has passed before we change a thing.

The Consultation call or video conference is a necessity. This allows me to get a sense of you and you a sense of me, what is happening for you at present, aspects of your life you would like us to work on together and the resolve. From this, I can select a programme or create a bespoke programme for you.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that I am the right coach for you and/or your business.

Investing in yourself is no longer deemed as opulence, it is a necessity.

We have seen the boom of having a personal trainer, gym, yoga instructor to train our bodies. The shift is now taking focus on our minds and how we operate, quite rightly so.

We are saturated every minute of the day and it takes a lot to recognise, that we as humans, need to take a step back, assess, and regenerate ourselves.
Finding the time to even think about ourselves and the future is becoming harder and harder.

Coaching allows you to accelerate your progress, taking stock of you, assessing your needs and developing awareness.

The prices vary according to your needs and programme selection. We will discuss the best programme for you and fee in the Pre-Coaching call.
Bank Transfer or Personal Cheque.
Payment will need to clear before we begin coaching.
I offer coaching programmes for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

The ideal number of sessions for you or your company will be discussed in the Pre-Coaching call. One off sessions for any duration are also available.

Please let me know as soon as possible. If it’s within 48 hours of your scheduled session, I will have to charge.

I can conduct face to face coaching sessions in London or the Home Counties. If you are further afield, coaching can take place by phone or Skype/Zoom.

I have had a client that prefers to walk during sessions, so we did.