Darts and Coaching

Not something I thought I would be drawing a comparison to.

Many moons ago, and pre-children, my husband and I used to like playing darts in our London local. It is actually quite addictive.

On a rare escape to freedom, we re-kindled the art of throwing pointy things at a board, the first two games were pretty dire on my part, I was throwing without aim, in the hope I picked something up….my usual tactic, in all honesty.

The aim of the game with no name, is hitting 18 specific numbers, 3 doubles, 3 trebles and 3 bulls.

If I missed the number I was going for a few times, I’d move on to another out of frustration, then another, randomly picking some up along the way and eventually lose. Start again.

In the latter few games, my husband, albeit competitive, transformed in to coach mode.

Before every dart I threw, he shifted my focus, gave me an alternative perspective and gently coerced my brain into only seeing the aim, the number I needed to hit. It worked.

It struck me what a great comparison this is to coaching.

We have so many aims on the go at any one time, so many distractions which block our achieving these aims, that we sometimes just keep moving onto the next.

Often never fulfilling any of the aims at all, sometimes partially but certainly not to the best of our abilities. The consequence, we are setting ourselves up to fail from the off and at every turn.

When we refine our focus and are purely attentive to that target and get specific on the steps to reach that target, we win!

A coach keeps you focussed on the exact steps you need to take in order to reach your goal.

The distractions are lessened, challenges are overcome and the bulls’ eye is conquered.

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