Transitioning Your Employees Return

Preparing for your employees return to work

Why work with me?

Maternity/paternity returners to work
Returning after a period of absence (grievance, illness etc.)
Changing or developing your career
Setting up your own business
Need a new challenge
Promotion and the need for support through the transition
Struggling with colleague relationships
Deserve and want more out of your career

Career Transition

Career transition coaching is exciting. There are a multitude of reasons you may want to choose this programme.

I specialise in helping you to realise your potential, prime you for promotion, move teams or help you to realise that your values may not align and are best served elsewhere.

Sometimes, you just need to wake up, acknowledge what needs to change in your career, and have the confidence to speak to your leaders.

You may want to change your career and direction altogether and set up your own business, or perhaps you need more flexibility – your life has changed but your job hasn’t adapted, or maybe you’ve had a career break, become a parent, or had a long-term absence.

No matter what your situation may be my programme will adapt to your needs.

I will define your skills, values, wants, needs. I will drive out what you are suited to and what suits your life. I will be your dedicated coach throughout the programme, who will increase your confidence, assist you in creating a long-term strategy in your career.

I will make sure you are fulfilling your potential to the maximum, and doing something you love.

  • Three or Six Months
  • Consultation
  • Contentedness assessment designed to your needs/wants
  • Dedicated coach and timeline
  • Monthly or bi-monthly sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • 10min ‘nudge’ calls if required

Before & after becoming a parent

I am seeing a boom in this area of coaching and receive multiple requests. Whether this is in preparation for leave or returning to work after maternity/paternity leave. Larger corporations are starting to recognise that this is an essential strategy to support their employees transition and increase retention rates.

It’s a very hard balance to become accustomed to and often the split between being a parent and your work existence feels like you are living a double life, not essentially winning at either.

My programme is specifically designed to parents’ needs, offering the guidance and support to successfully incorporate both parenthood and professional lives, being the best they can for their children, while re-focusing on future ambitions and excelling in work too. We can assist with the building and implementing of new routines, time management and recognising where change needs to be made.

  • Bespoke timeline
  • Consultation
  • Dedicated coach and timeline
  • Monthly or bi-monthly sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Key insights report on completion