Executives; Senior Management; & Leadership Development

Why work with me?

  • Enhancing performance, collaboration and resolution for the individual, team and organisation.
  • Implementing cultural change, managing through digitalisation, mergers, etc.
  • Empowering their employees and leaders, and driving results amongst organisational shifts.
  • Recognising and leveraging strengths of the individual increasing output.
  • Retaining talent with increased engagement, commitment to organisational goals.
  • Improving performance, output, decision making and problem solving achieving targeted goals.
  • Yielding faster growth which far exceeds the investment of the organisation.
  • Improving leadership capabilities, increasing the level of contribution with sustained results
  • Supporting newly appointed members to be at their optimum faster

What you can expect?

With coaching, the client can expect to gain a full understanding of their current situation and to have clear actions outlined to reach effective and realistic strategies to move forward and achieve.

What happens in the programme?

I have a preliminary meeting with the client to ensure we understand the context and key objectives. The programme is specifically designed around the client to meet their needs, this can be very flexible, or extremely structured. A tri-party meeting would also be held with the Line Manager and the Client, to ensure we incorporate any external expectations/objectives of the client or organisation.

I will intervene and evaluate where necessary to ensure the client is on track to achieving their objectives. With added unlimited support outside of coaching sessions, the client is certain to reach the destined outcome.

  • Executives; Senior Management; & Leadership Development
  • Preliminary consultations with HR, Line Manager, & client
  • Tailored specifically to the clients’ needs
  • Analysis of how the clients’ objectives fit with the needs of the organisation
  • Dedicated coach and time specific goal orientation, 6-12 sessions are recommended
  • Unlimited support