Small and Medium Enterprise Coaching

About Enterprise Coaching

Why work with me?

New start-ups
Task overwhelm
Strategy to reach business goals
Partner/team cohesion
Effective management
Managing time/priorities
Attending networking events
Public speaking
Focussed time to spend on business potential
Aligning goals with a plan
Discover new strategies which save time

What you can expect?

You will create breakthroughs in potential, employee output, relationships within your team or clients, increase profit, define an individuals’ skill set and where they are best utilised. The benefits are endless and exponential. There are always opportunities to raise standards and improve processes.

Business coaching is hugely beneficial whichever stage you or your business is at. Defining a timeline and having someone to be accountable to, a sounding board, can alone, make you more effective and elicit faster results than without.

I will assess each area of your business and offer insights and powerful questioning to ascertain which areas you feel most pertinent for us to work on and become a more successful business.

What happens in the programme?

My three-month intensive is specifically designed to get you tangible results as soon as possible for you and your business.

I will contract with you to fully understand your business, your growth potential, assess what challenges will push your business beyond limits and guide you through that process ensuring consistency prevails with every member.

The programme will be designed around your needs, an Insight Analysis will allow us to get a better understanding of your business, leaders, and/or employees, focus and define some clear actions.

More often than not, your objectives are set, but you, and/or colleagues are struggling to structure a plan to achieve those goals.

It may be that you are a new start-up and experiencing sheer overwhelm in the multitude of tasks and don’t know what or how to prioritise.

  • Consultation to discuss your needs
  • Insight analysis measuring leadership, staff, business focus & sustainable action
  • Dedicated coach and timeline
  • Unlimited support by phone and email
  • Bi-weekly calls Key insights & sustainability plan on completion