Personal Coaching

Personal Development Coaching is about providing clarity, guiding you through a transition, improving your life in any aspect and providing sustainable change for the future from what you have learnt along the way.

What happens in the programme?:

My coaching programmes are structured in such a way that I will derive and highlight any key areas of concern, limiting beliefs, and challenges that are present for you now in all, or any aspect of your life. I focus entirely on you, your plan (if you have one), and your decisions.

I will take into account your current situation and how you want to change that going forwards and how to deal with that change.

Goal Creation
We will work together to create a goal which encompasses how you want to be in the future.

Designing Steps
Through our facilitated discussions I will form the main steps to ensure we meet this goal over the coaching programme.

Designing Actions
In each of the sessions you will take away actions to complete based on what I have uncovered, all of which will lead you to reaching your goal.

Reflection & Key Learning
Nearing the end of the programme we will work together on reflection and the key learnings you have put into practice and how you can use these in the future.

One off sessions

If you have an immediate need for coaching, want to discuss something specific or just need an unadulterated hour to offload or make a decision, I can help.

What can you expect?

Clients gain great clarity, achieve actions which they may otherwise not have ascertained, create a clear map of what they want and conquer goals within a specific timeframe. Clients realise their values, move forward, create new habits, experience greater life satisfaction, stop making excuses, and ultimately realise their potential, no matter what the situation may be. Personal development is life changing, hard work and exciting.

If you feel that there is more to life than you currently have, desperately want to make a change, be challenged, and make progress, you are in the right place.