Group Coaching


Why work with us?

Transitioning back to work
New parents
New start-ups
Change of career
Working from home
Business overwhelm
Confidence building
Businesses wishing to create better team cohesion; time effectiveness, etc.
Public speaking / new to networking
Work-life balance
Team building

What happens in the programme?

Our group coaching programmes are normally held over a three or six-month period but if you have an existing group in mind, the programme can be specified to your groups’ needs.

SMC wouldn’t let just anybody attend these empowering groups, to make sure everyone is on the same wave length, we have a pre-coaching consultation lasting up to thirty minutes with each person. This is invaluable for both the group and us. We get to know you and make sure that your expectations will be met and you gain tangible results from the programme.

We would meet either in person, location dependent or hold video conferencing sessions, sessions are normally bi-weekly or once per month.
The programme will focus on goal setting, creating awareness, setting action plans and accountability for each member.

What you can expect?

Group coaching is exciting, we get to work with people that are tenacious and like-minded. Whether you have a specific group that you meet up with already and you think coaching would give you an extra edge or you are joining one of our set programmes.

Clients in these groups experience huge benefits because you are surrounded by members facing the same challenges or situation as yourself. Each member will have an accountability partner, it’s a collaborative learning environment, a group to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off and each person gains optimal support and motivation from attendees in the group and us.

Each person learns from one another with added insights, and challenges from your very own coach at SMC.

Even if the idea of group coaching terrifies you and you’re slightly introverted, the group coaching sessions often take the limelight off you and give you more time to reflect.