Personal Coaching programmes

First and foremost, I realise that each person, business and/or career transition is completely unique. If you don’t feel that any of the programmes outlined below suit you or your specific needs, I can adapt my service to suit your requirements. Let’s discuss what changes would best serve you and/or your business and how I can put those into place.


You choose the amount of time you want
You decide the frequency of sessions
You denote the period of time that we work together
You select the topic we discuss on each coaching session

Your Career

  • Find a career you love
  • Be fulfilled in your work
  • Achieve the impossible
  • Ask for what you want
  • Make your career work for you
  • Go for that promotion
  • Have a life alongside your career
  • Deal with tricky situations
  • Identify your skills/passions
  • Be in control, confident and determined
  • Breakdown your barriers
  • Prepare your return to work
  • Deal with conflict
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Make hard decisions

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life coaching

  • Clarity on what you want
  • Live life to the full
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs/excuses
  • Quash worries/anxieties
  • Be fulfilled in work and play
  • Less stressed and happier
  • Be successful
  • Create time for you
  • Act on what you fear
  • More confident and decisive
  • Better relationships
  • Long term change
  • Change your life to suit you

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Return to work

  • Clarity on what you want
  • Decisive about what will best suit you & family and ask for it
  • Organised & in-control
  • Be fulfilled in work/life
  • Confident & prepared 
  • Ready for a challenge
  • Regain focus and progression
  • How to transition with ease

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