About Kim SM Cutler, founder of smc

The Past

I have delved into public and private sectors for over 20 years.

With well over a decade working within the Financial Sector, more recently in a multi billion dollar Hedge Fund, I have gained extensive knowledge and insights into both the Corporate world and smaller entities. In witnessing, first hand, the complexities organisations face for: optimising their talent; effectively transitioning the newly promoted; employee engagement; the failure to understand/support employees and leaders as a whole; and so much more, has driven me to push forward and use my skills to optimise individuals to be the best they can.

All experience, in some way or another has contributed to the finale of my founding Storm McQueen Coaching. 

The Transition

What an almighty transition it has been.

Forging my own path and stepping out of the mould was hard. I went back to basics and discovered my values, my interests, my purpose. That exploration wouldn’t have happened without my being coached.

It wasn’t until my coach asked me one simple question…. “What do you actually like about your job?” My response, “nothing”. I was pressed in all sorts of ways and the same answer came back.

My dawning realisation, where the awareness kicks in, the minute where something very strange is uniting, in your stomach and your head, and they begin to compare notes as though they’ve never met. THIS is what has fuelled my passion for coaching.

During this enormous transition, I embarked on phenomenal training with Full Circle Global to become a Professional Coach.

I am an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I am a member of the International Coach Federation. I have completed the training hours to become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and am currently working towards completion of the 500 coaching hours to gain the PCC accreditation.

Why Choose Me?

I am down to earth, I am your silent partner moving you on in any aspect of your life, be it work, your business, personal development, or simply everything.

The Present

I am proud to play a part in individuals’ transformations both in and out of the organisation.

I am passionate about breaking down the barriers, tackling limiting beliefs head on, and providing the necessary tools for growth by inspiring and optimising performance – the driving force behind achieving goals and maximising success in professional, and personal worlds

Coaching others is empowering and life changing, it often takes just one session to instigate a series of actions which initiate a snow ball of changes in all areas of clients’ lives. 

The Power of Coaching

Storm McQueen Coaching would not exist if I did not believe in the magnitude and potential that coaching gives, nor would I have chosen it as a career.

Coaching elicits rapid transformation allowing you to be consciously aware of you, your behaviours, your excuses, your strengths, and then some.