A Story Without An Ending? Realise Your Goals.

A story without an ending portrays our everyday existence, living on autopilot without intention or purpose, towards what we really want.

I recently went up to Edinburgh for two days work and two days play, minus kids. One evening, I went for dinner on my own, unusual for me. It allowed for much-needed reflection and simply quietness. I was busy making notes after having a phenomenal dinner, (Scran and Scallie – amazing) and had said no to the dessert, Bruno, my waiter, retorted:

“BUT having dinner without dessert is like a story without an ending”.


It struck me because he said it so emphatically, as though this was just an impossible outcome. I was taken aback, in an amusing way. So, why did this hit home so much?

When we are stuck in our everyday life, we don’t sit and think about what the ending will be. Sounds morose I realise, but stick with me. What we do allow ourselves to do is to get trapped in the monotony of our jobs, routines, to do lists, and being the ‘norm’. And we don’t often push for what the reason is, right now, for doing what we are doing, nor do we look at the wanted outcome, THE ENDING. In whatever our scenario may be.

For example, if we are struggling with a balance, we are commuting for hours every day, in a job we hate, or love but don’t know the aim of the game. This is the story without an ending unless you put your wanted ‘endings’, in place.

Why are we constantly just making do with what we have, believing that there are no other options? Because it seems just too bl**dy hard to do anything about it. You have no time, no ideas on what you would like to do, lost your spark, and can’t remember what interests you.

The thought of changing it seems like the biggest obstacle, so you give up and make do.

I was doing all of the above, not happy in either work or life. Coaching gave me a game plan, a view of the ending I wanted for that particular time. Consider this: If you could have a dedicated hour, every two weeks or month, in which to unload your thoughts, with someone completely unbiased to your situation. And come up with a game plan for you, your work, your life, would you?

Do you want:

to elicit a much more rapid growth in you or your business?
• long-term change for a more profitable business?
• your life to be on track and focussed?
• more than you have got right now?

I did and do so now. If it hadn’t been for coaching, I would still be trapped.

We repeatedly work with clients who are lost, and feel numb in their existence. They don’t know what to do and can’t see a way out of their current situation. What is worse there is no plan to change this.

What will you do to change?

If this piques your curiosity, we love curious people, then please, be brave, take a step forward and talk to us.

SMC gives you a dedicated hour to talk about you, for free. We will give you an insight into how we can work together and design a programme to suit your needs. http://stormmcqueencoaching.com/coaching/

Ultimately, what have you got to lose?

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