5 Steps To Make 2018 Successful

No Plans For 2018? Don’t Know What You Want?

What resolutions are you carrying over from 2017 that repeatedly get pushed to one side? Will you allow all your aspirations to fade into oblivion for another year?

What excuses do you make that allow you to ignore your wants or the change you need to be your ultimate you?

We know all too well how miserable January can be. The season of abundance is over, back to work, everyone is skint or miserable. This impacts our mindset and allows us to lament over those lost and once upon a time, inspired wants for the New Year very quickly.

So, how do people stick to their goals and conquer?

They plan, they consistently work towards their goal, they know what motivates them, they take action and hold themselves accountable. Resulting in living the life they want.

Easier said than done?



By planning you allow your brain more space to action.

Write, draw, mindmap or create a vision board for your wants, needs, goals, for 2018.

The more the better, prioritise them, reflect upon what is most important. Separate work or life goals.

Take into account your values, are they aligned with your current situation? Look at your passions, interests, skills, hates, are you using those to your advantage?


Create your very own motto/goal for six-months time. This has to feel right for you, encompass your wants and be inspiring.

Plan and breakdown your six-monthly steps that will make you reach your goal.

Then set yourself six mini actions from each of those steps that you will complete each month to complete the step.


Daily reflection of your goal(s) and the action you need to take will empower you to achieve.  Having your own journal to keep a record of your thoughts, achievements, steps, etc. will act as constant reminder and shift your mindset to make sure you don’t side step or make excuses.


Pay attention to what you are telling yourself, battle your inner narrative. Part of your brain tells you to stay in your comfort zone which is why it feels easier. Do something every day that pushes you beyond and outside your comfort. It’s empowering!

Excuses, excuses. It’s so easy to make excuses, but if you grab yourself an accountability partner, tell them what you need to do and by when, the excuses become much harder to make which means you achieve.


Your motto/goal should motivate you to achieve but set yourself a reward too. Acknowledge yourself for what you have achieved along the way, it doesn’t have to be tangible, it may be that you are feeling more confident, you are being kinder to yourself, you are eating more healthily…..the list is endless.


Storm McQueen Coaching will help to counteract that dullness of January, get people fired up for 2018, and make sure you take action to fulfil your potential and carve out your ultimate best self.

We challenge you to bulldoze through those list of wants, actions, needs, change……

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